HDMI Video Switching Multi-function Charging dock with USB LAN For N Switch/Lite

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This product is a portable mini dock with network cable interface. Switch between small and large screen with a single press. The unit supports console direct charging and has a built-in cooling function to lengthen the life of your console.

The bottom comes with non-slip foot pads for more stable placement.

The mini dock can also be used with Switch Lite but does not have a screen projection function.

Item is equipped with HDMI output interface and can project screen allowing the small screen to become much larger making game visual effects much more dynamic!

Three-level angle adjustment allows the unit to provide the best viewing angle according to the actual application scenario.

Is also equipped with a 100M wired network cable interface. Plug in a network cable and instantly connect to the Internet. Browse easily with a more stable and faster connection

2 USB output interfaces (USB 3.0 * 1, USB 2.0 * 1), can support 2 switch wired gamepads connected at the same time. Easy plug and play makes multiplayer games simple and more fun!

Blue light indicates when unit is fully charged.

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