Here is a list of our more commonly encountered issues or questions and their corresponding answers. Please check for your question or problem here prior to contacting us as it maybe a really simple fix. 


Frequently Asked Q & A’s


  1.   My item hasn’t arrived. Where is it?

We do sincerely apologise if your item is taking longer to arrive than expected but we do process and send out each and every order within 24 hours. Unfortunately, once they leave the warehouse and are put in the hands of Australia Post or DHL for delivery it is out of our control.

We do ask for your patience as the current COVID pandemic has created longer wait periods to certain areas but please feel free to contact us if too much time has passed and/or you are concerned.


  1.   Where is my tracking number?

If an item is to be tracked the number will be uploaded when processed for delivery and a notice will be sent via SMS or email where the option to do so is available. Many games and smaller items are sent as a large letter when standard postage is applied. These items will not have tracking. Tracking is available at checkout for a few dollars extra.


  1.   I just received my memory card but isn’t working, what now?

We do test all of our memory cards so they should be working fine. Memory cards are also one of those things that very rarely do not work at all. Some consoles, however, do not seat them very well so often just wiggling the card or pulling it out a tiny bit after inserting will fix the issue. Occasionally there may be some corrosion on the terminals, pulling the card in and out a few times is usually enough to correct this.

If you have tried the above and are still not having luck getting the card to work contact us and we will arrange a replacement for you.


  1. My DS game isn’t working, what’s wrong with it?

   DS games that sit for a long time can sometimes get a thin layer of corrosion on them. Try putting them in and out 5-6 times and see if that corrects the issue. If not then please contact us to resolve the issue. 


  1. Does the USB Wireless XBOX Receiver work with Windows 10? / I have received my USB Wireless XBOX Receiver and it is not working/ My computer does not recognise it.

The drivers for this item are already on Windows 10 but sometimes it is not instantly recognised. There are several different fixes for issues with this device. 

      Go to Device Manager
      > Xbox360 Peripherals
      > Xbox360 Wireless Receiver for Windows
      Update Driver
      Browse my Computer for Driver Software
      Let me Pick from a list
      Pick 2nd Last one
      And let it install.

 Just make sure you go through Device Manager to update the drivers manually from the disc then it'll work no problem. On Device Manager it'll show up as 'unknown device' underneath network.


The following links have also helped others who have had trouble.


One customer also found trying another controller solved the problem.

Mac Driver -

Main driver issue - The issue with the main driver lies in the xusb21.ini file as you need to change the actual driver name to the devices name ie (USB\VID_045E&PID_0719) to (USB\VID_045E&PID_(your own device)) in all instances in the .ini so if anyone finds the same issue hope this helps. It wouldnt allow with new windows 10 update as it stopped it from working on the newest patch.

For Windows 7

Download the drivers here -

  1. Right click on Computer

  2. Go to Properties

  3. Click on Device Manager

  4. Right click on the Unidentified Device

  5. Go to Properties

  6. Go to the Drive tab

  7. Click on Update Driver...

  8. Browse my computer for driver software

  9. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

  10. Windows Common Controller for Window Class

  11. Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version:

  12. Update Driver Warning

  13. Click Yes

  14. All Done! 

 If you still can't get it going after trying these just let us know.

  1. I just received my Wii Controller! It looks great but it just won’t work.

Firstly, make sure you have put batteries in.

Secondly, your remote will need to be synced before you can use it with your      console. 

Just press the red button on the side of the console and then the red button         under the battery cover of the remote and it should sync. This will need to be      done for each new remote you are introducing. 


  1. Will an NTSC / NTSC-J game work in my PAL console? 

As a general rule the answer is no. If a game is marked as PAL or NTSC            then it means they are region locked and will only work in the corresponding        console. There are some exceptions to this rule though they are very few            and researching before buying is recommended.

Region locked consoles

Xbox Original
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U


  1. My PS2 / Xbox / Other console cannot read the game you sent me. 

We do test and clean/polish all of our games but sometimes they do occasionally slip through the cracks. If the game you received is not starting  or not being recognised please contact us and we will send a  replacement. Where a replacement is unavailable a refund will be given.

  1. I just received my N64 controller and the toggle seems stiff or clicky!

  All of our controllers are cleaned and tested and in the event of worn or  broken toggles we do replace them. Sometimes that initial stiffness or clicking is simply because it is new. This will usually correct itself after some use and the toggle is worn in. If it doesn’t then please contact us.

      10. How do I return an item and will I be reimbursed?

In most cases simply putting RTS on the box or package and dropping it in a post box will have it returned to us. Reimbursement will depend on the reason for return. In cases where we have sent the wrong item and a return is required we will cover the cost. In the event of a damaged item where a return is required reimbursement will be given once the item is received and assessed. If a return is being made because you simply changed your mind or the fault was not with the item but user error then the return costs will become your responsibility.