Happy customers are our goal and we strive to deliver quality, working items with every item we send. Whether it be brand new or previously owned, unfortunately, sometimes things just don't go as planned. Please make contact with us in such cases as the last thing we want is to give bad service or deliver faulty products. 

It is important to note that we do deal in mostly secondhand goods eg. games and genuine items that are no longer made by the manufacturer, and despite our best efforts, sometimes things just don't work as they should. While we cannot help the disappointment that comes when you finally receive your item only to find it doesn't work we can certainly help try to correct it and offer a 90 day return to base warranty. Where an item is definitely found to be faulty we can offer a replacement or refund.

Receiving the wrong item, also does happen from time to time as the staff are only human after all. Again, we can understand the frustration that comes with such an error but a simple email can correct the issue in no time with little fuss. Being rude and abusive does not and will not automatically make the right item appear in your hands. Please consider that we are real people just like you when contacting us.

In cases where you have simply changed your mind, the item must be returned unopened within 14 days to receive a refund.

*All Brand new or sealed items will not be tested. 

**All genuine/used items and games will be tested prior to being shipped.

***All discs are polished prior to packing and guaranteed to work upon delivery, however, as this is not always the case please contact us to arrange a replacement or refund.