Silicone Controller Covers and Thumb Caps

Do you love them or hate them?

We have been selling these for just over 12 months and have found them to be really popular with the gamers.

It allows you to give your Controller its own attitude and you can have yours different than your brothers, Sisters or Partners with some really cool colors and patterns.

Some of the great designs include: Camouflage Colors, Cosmo, Comic, Skulls, Studded, Ultra Grip etc.

These make great sense and make it really easily clean your controller. We sell used controllers and see first-hand how dirty they become in the side joins.

They also extend the life of your controller by taking out some of the shock absorbed when accidently dropped or Game Raged.

We also Stock awesome looking Thumb caps that will protect your thumbsticks from wearing out prematurely.

These come in great colors and design including our very Tendy ones sent out to customers for free when you send $50 in store @

We Stock Covers for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, Switch and Switch Pro.

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