Sony Playstation 2 The Cheap Bully Free Alternative

For years we have been selling used PS2 games to young families and serious gamers alike.

The PS2 is the best value gaming system around and is very affordable with most games 10% of the price of the new gen games.

The PS2 Console was release in Australia in 2000 retailing for AU$750.

Sony Playstation 2 has the largest range of games boasting over 6000 titles.

With the Newer Consoles that allow online gaming children can be exposed to bullying and foul language. The PS2 system does not need online requirement to play games.

Over 150 million PS2 console have been sold worldwide.

PS2 introduced some of the best gaming franchises including Kingdom Hearts, Singstar, Buzz, Sly Cooper and Ty the Tasmania Tiger.

Also Sony added more Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and bought on Sonic from the Sega Range.

We at Games We Played try and bring our customer the biggest range of games and accessories and pride ourselves in sending cleaned working Consoles and Games.

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